Our products

Although the SCC process can be used to make a wide range of particle sizes, CalciTech have initially developed products with a mean particle size of 0.7 microns. These are available with different purity specifications and product forms.


Features & Benefits CalciTech's SCC products show a number of superior features which translate into valuable benefits.




High purity




High whiteness
Low iron content
Low levels of heavy metals
Low abrasivity

Unique particle shape



Less agglomeration
Better flow and rheological properties
Lower density

Narrow particle size distribution




Low abrasivity (virtually no coarse particles)
No dust or waste from ultra fine particles
Optimum optical properties
Relatively low surface area

Product quality independent of raw material


Global specifications
Helps achieve 6-sigma process control



These properties lead to a large number of superior product characteristics suitable for a large number of end markets.